Moselle, Germany

Weingut Dr. Loosen

Weingut Dr. Loosen Ernie Loosen, Weingut Dr. Loosen // Photo: Leigh-Ann Beverley

This iconic Mosel property is one of the world’s great wine estates – the source of memorable Rieslings crafted from the valuable fruit of top-class vineyards. Where quality always comes before quantity, and terroir triumphs over technology. 

Situated on the Mittelmosel, Weingut Dr. Loosen is blessed with unique growing conditions, mineral-rich slate soils, and ungrafted vines planted over a century ago. When Ernst F. Loosen took over the estate that has been in his family for over 200 years, he was quick to identify this potential. Inspired by the work of winemakers around the world, he now produces world-class wines that have earned numerous accolades – from Mosel classics with residual sweetness to premium dry Rieslings. In 2020, ‘World’s Best Vineyards’ ranked Dr. Loosen 15th in its list of the world’s top 50 most amazing vineyards. 

Unique terroir 

The estate vineyards enjoy an excellent microclimate that allows grapes to ripen evenly. These slopes, largely south-facing, receive sunshine all day long, while the River Mosel below acts as an additional reflector. The slate soils store the daytime heat and radiate it back at night. They are also rich and natural nutrient source for the vines on account of the potassium that they contain. Weingut Dr. Loosen has eight superior vineyards, of which seven were classified as ‘Grosse Lage’ (grand cru) as early as 1868. The interplay of terroir and vines, mostly ungrafted and over 100 years old, is unique. This is reflected in the wines.

Gently crafted, characterful wines 

Making wine at Dr. Loosen is about respecting nature. In the vineyard, this means farming sustainably, conserving resources, thinning crops by hand and, when needed, using strictly organic compost. It also translates into judicious work in the cellar, allowing the wines to develop their inimitable character. All wines remain at least one year on the gross lees without any racking, the very best bottles for at least two years or more. Riesling accounts for 98% of the estate’s holdings. Dr. Loosen exports to over 80 countries.

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The steep banks of the Mosel are home to mineral-driven, elegant wines. Riesling, sometimes referred to as the king (or queen) of white wines, is the most important grape along the German stretch of the Mosel Valley, accounting for over 5,300 hectares under vine. This makes the Mosel wine region the largest producer of Riesling worldwide. 

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